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I am sure you must have heard about the mysterious fortune telling ball that became quite a craze back in the days and you want to see for yourself how cool it is. And while you might not have one physically, the technology has come too far since the time Magic 8 Ball was introduced and luckily, you don’t need one to see how it works.

Using the current technology and the mysterious calculations behind the 8 Ball, we have developed an online version that simulates the working process of the Magic 8 Ball, which is sometimes referred to as “Ask 8 Ball”.

So, if you are interested in knowing what the future has in the store for you, just ask away! Our Magic 8 Ball tool, just like the physical one, takes a question that can be answered with a simple yes or no, it can be anything as there is no limit to what you can ask the Magic 8 Ball.

Using the calculations, our Magic 8 Ball tool will come up with an answer to your question or sometimes it might ask you to repeat the question, which you should for a positive or negative response.

Origin of Magic 8 Ball

Now Magic 8 Ball isn’t something that started recently, however you can find a ton of new copies by the name. But the original Magic 8 Ball tool started all the way back in 1950 by Albert Carter and Abe Bookman. The concept was pretty straightforward and so was the design, Magic 8 Ball just like the name suggests, was inspired by the Billiard 8 ball. It had a pretty same look except it was bigger in size and there was a window that would bring up the answers as you shake the ball after asking a question.

Inside the Magic 8 Ball was blue dye with alcohol and floating white icosahedron die that would come up with different answers depending on the side it stopped.

The original Magic 8 Ball had a total of 20 answers and these were actually divided into positive, negative and non-committal responses.

Why is Magic 8 Ball so Popular?

Magic 8 Ball wasn’t always popular but in reality it was just another toy in the market until later when Ideal Toys started marketing it. Soon, it began to gain a lot of traction and became extremely popular amongst the children and everyone wanted to have one.

Later on, it even appeared in Disney’s Toy Story which also helped it reach more children. But it wasn’t always the children, many youngsters and adults started taking interest as it is human nature to find some answers, to know what’s coming even if we don’t actually believe it.

How does Magic 8 Ball Online Work?

Our tool might not be physically available to you but it manages to provide you with realistic experience by giving out the same results as using the real Magic 8 Ball or atleast goes through the same process.

So, how it works is that you would need to enter your question that can be answered with a positive or negative response and then simply click on the Magic 8 Ball icon below.

Our Magic 8 Ball Online tool would go through the whole process and come up with the answer, if you don’t get an affirmative response, you can repeat the same process again.

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